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Chris Grayling: The Case Against Ken Livingstone

Speaking outside City Hall this morning, Chris Grayling launched The Case Against Ken Livingstone:

"Londoners are fed up with Ken Livingstone who has become tired, stale and mired in maladministration. On 1st May they have the chance to vote for change with Boris Johnson.

"The Case Against Ken Livingstone is his record as Mayor, his failure to deliver value for money and practice open government for London. It lays bare the scale of abuses that have taken place in City Hall over the past eight years.

"Ken Livingstone has been astonishingly complacent about crime in London, and his comments about his achievements have been downright misleading. The crimes that do most to undermine the reputation of a City like London - robbery, gun crime and violent crime have all increased on his watch.

"On our tubes, crimes of public disorder, criminal damage and sexual assaults are rising rapidly.

"On our buses the number of assaults was up ten per cent in the most recent figures.

"On affordable housing the Mayor makes grandiose claims about his achievements and makes big claims but the proportion of affordable housing in new developments in London is actually lower than it was before he became Mayor.

"Labour's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has spent vast amounts of money on building up a personal support structure for the Mayor which would do the dictator of a banana republic proud.

"At this election Londoners have a clear choice; they can either vote for change by voting for Boris who will get on fixing crime, taxes, transport, congestion, housing and planning - or they can vote for the same from a tired Mayor who is an arrogant, out-of-touch politician who will revert to form the day after he is elected. Imagine another 4 years of it.

"Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party represent the fresh start that the people who live and work in London all need."

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