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René Kinzett: Conservatives are the only alternative

Statement at a press conference in Abertillery by LibDem defector, Cllr René Kinzett

"This has been a long and carefully thought out decision by me to leave the Liberal Democrats and to join David Cameron's Conservatives.

The modern, compassionate Conservatives have shown their willingness to learn the lessons of the past and to take tough decisions to change the Party and its policies for the longer term.

I am instinctively a liberal. I believe in smaller government, in the fundamental rights of the individual against an overbearing state and I believe in strong communities with decisions being taken at the lowest level possible.

I know that the modern Conservatives embody these principles and truly believe that individual know what is best for their communities and not government.

I believe in tackling the major issues facing our country with long term solutions and not knee-jerk reactions from spin obsessed party machines.

What is why I have been so impressed with David Cameron's approach to examining issues such as social justice, environmental change, global poverty and improved public services.

"I reject the notion that the problems Britain faces in its public services can be solved through extra money alone.

The Chancellor has thrown tens of billions more at the health service for, at best, variable improvements in outputs.

We need to make fundamental changes to how we deliver our public services, we may need to make tough decisions and change people's expectations about how these services are organised and paid for.

I think that only David Cameron's Conservatives are willing and able to take such a close, detailed and radical look at how we really reform public services in Britain.

"I oppose this Labour Government's drive to push ID Cards through Parliament.

I reject the idea that the state should intervene in the lives of the British people to such a level as to demand that our privacy is encroached upon to such an extent as to introduce for the first time since the Second World War, a compulsory form of state organised identification.

I also support David Cameron in his backing of Tony Blair's much needed reforms of education.

Parties must not oppose for opposition's sake and I think the approach taken by David Cameron is a breath of fresh air in British politics - and end to Punch and Judy politics.

I am a firm supporter of devolution, having campaigned for a Welsh Assembly in the referendum in 1997.

I know that many Conservatives at the time opposed the setting up of the Assembly.

However, almost all commentators agree that the Conservative Assembly Members have been the most effective of all the opposition groups and have engaged constructively and positively to help make the Assembly work better for the people of Wales.

I am heartened to hear from Cheryl Gillan and Nick Bourne that arguments within the Conservatives about the existence of the Assembly have well and truly been booted out and replaced by progressive discussions as to how to make devolution more relevant to people's lives in Wales and how the Assembly can better engage with local communities."

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