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Howard: I have given my team its orders

Speech at election rally in Newquay

"In four days time, people will go to the polls: to make a choice. They can keep things as they are. Or they can make a change. And if they do, on May the sixth, they could be waking up to a brighter day for Britain.

The first day of a government that starts taking action on the things that matter: a government that never stops taking action on the things that matter, because that is what government is for.

It's not about talking: it's about doing. It's not about promising: it's about delivering. And that includes delivering value for money and lower taxes.

We've had eight years of waste and broken promises from Labour. Is that suddenly going to change if they get a third chance? I don't think so. They've had eight years. They had their massive 167 seat majority in Parliament. And they've had their chance.

For Mr. Blair, time's up.

No wonder so many Britons are looking to us for a better way on lower taxes and value for money.

If you vote for your local Conservative candidate on Thursday - you'll be sending a clear message that you want action on lower taxes and value for money.

You'll be ordering us to get on with it: get on with saving money; get on with cutting waste; get on with lowering taxes.

And I will get on with it - in fact I'll get straight to it.

That's why I've already given my team their orders - how we'll deliver value for money and lower taxes; and how we'll pay for our plans.

Our action plan has been months in the making - months of hard work, months of getting to grips with the detail, months of making absolutely sure our sums add up.

That's why we'll be ready to take action to deliver lower taxes and value for money straight away - in the first week of a Conservative Government.

I have given Caroline Spelman, David Willetts and Oliver Letwin clear, specific, deliverable tasks - what they've got to do and when they've got to do it.

And I'm personally going to ensure it happens. I'll be on the phone every week to check they're delivering the goods - just like any other boss in Britain.

I will hold my team to account for their commitments. Everyone knows the rules. If you screw up and don't deliver - you're out. It's as simple as that - because that's the only way to ensure that the job gets done. That's what happens in the real world and I don't see why politicians should be any different.

Caroline will set out how she's going to deliver the task I have set her: lowering Council Tax bills.

David will explain how he's going to achieve his task: stronger pensions.

And Oliver will be laying down exactly how these commitments are paid for.

By committing here today to these clear, specific tasks on tax and pensions we won't just build a brighter, better future for our country.

We'll help to restore the British people's faith in the ability of their government to deliver results.

Together we can make it happen.

My team has its orders - to deliver lower taxes and value for money.

Every day from May the sixth I'll be there - supporting them, ringing them and chasing them - to make sure it happens."

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