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Fox: Take that look off your face

Speech at launch of cinema advert

"As a doctor, I don't make diagnoses without the patient's consent.

But I have to say Tony Blair presents quite a case.

We've never had a prime minister quite like him.

So this morning, I'll leave the medical diagnoses to you and make a non-medical one.

Tony Blair is Britain's first karaoke politician.

When he first became prime minister, music and lyrics seemed to be in synch. And for some while, he sounded quite convincing. People even thought that he might be the real thing.

What this election campaign has conclusively proved is that the suspension of disbelief is well and truly over.

Even for a karaoke performer, it means the game is up.

People really don't believe a word he says.

But you wonder if Mr Blair realises it.

Eight years after he first said it, it does show extraordinary lack of judgment for Mr Blair to say this election is about 'education, education, education.'

Even more of a misjudgement for the prime minister who gave us the dodgy dossier and the 45 minute claim, is for him to talk about our manifesto being quote, 'a fraudulent prospectus.'

It takes your breath away.

Does he really have so little idea about what people are concerned about?

But then is this so surprising from a politician who said, 'I only know what I believe' and says 'I can only tell the truth?'

Who said four years ago, 'the spin has got to stop?'

But then, he's the same politician who said, 'we have to be very careful that we are purer than pure.'

Remember him saying: 'I won't be allowing the Labour party to run dirty, underhand campaign?'

Those words must ring especially hollow in Birmingham and the West Midlands, where the Election Commissioner found that Labour party officials were running a vote forging factory.

Under Mr Blair, Labour has become the party of the ballot riggers.

Now we know what he meant by putting power in the hands of the many, not the few.

He meant the exact opposite. Like so much of what he says.

'Our proposals do not involve raising taxes,' he said before he became prime minister.

And he told a City audience, 'we want people to pay lower taxes.'

'This election is about trust,' he said. 'You have my word on it.'

People learnt the hard way how much his word is worth.

Having promised to be 'open with the people about tax,' the only budgets in which he did not raise people's taxes were the ones just before an election.

'We are not boastful', Mr Blair declared at the last election.

Lately, his tune has changed.

'With humility and confidence' - not the title of a B side single, but that of Tony Blair's speech to Labour's spring conference.

'Faking humility', would be more accurate.

'When we make mistakes, we say so' he declared. Lots of mistakes, but no saying so that I've heard.

After eight years and just three weeks before an election, he says, 'we are only half way through the job we started we started in 1997.'

'We are still a long way from completing our journey,' he said at the beginning of the year.

Well, everything I know about the people of this country is that they don't like being taken for a ride.

The advertisement you're about to see, which will be screened in cinemas across the country, is our way of making the choice at the election very clear.

People can vote to take that look off his face."

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