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May: Now it is time to start spreading the Conservative message

Comments at the media unveiling of the Conservative Party Conference set

Thank you for making the journey to Blackpool. I know for some of you it's a long way to come.

Those of you who've already been to the Liberal Democrat and Labour conferences are probably getting a little weary by now, but this week really is very important - both for our party and for our country.

Because after six and a half years of Labour the people of this country are beginning to look for a new government.

A government that will be on their side,

A government that shares their concerns and values,

A government that will give them a fair deal.

And that's really the message of this week.

We are focusing on one thing and one thing only - winning the next election and delivering a fair deal for everyone.

Britain is crying out for a change of direction.

At the moment, Labour have successfully convinced people that there is only one way to do things - their way.

That means ever higher taxes to fund ever higher spending - but public services that too often let down the people they are meant to serve.

And all the time, this approach threatens to undermine the foundations of our economy - the small firms and big businesses that create the jobs and wealth upon which we, and our public services, all depend.

There is another way - a way that says we can have both prosperity and better public services, but to do so we must do things differently. We must be prepared to challenge the conventional wisdom and instead build on successful models from around the country and around the world to improve the quality of life for everyone in Britain.

We have taken our time to get our policies right - and you will see the fruits of that labour here this week.

Now it is time to start spreading the Conservative message.

That's why today, we have published this document - the Conservative Fair Deal Narrative for 21st Century Britain.

It's not intended to be about hard policy. Instead, it clearly sets out our vision of how Britain is and how it should be.

It is one of the most important documents we have published as a party for many years. Even those people who are aware of our policies have been asking quite what it is this party stands for today.

This document answers that question.

We stand for a fair deal for everyone. That's not just a slogan, it's far more than that. It's who we are and what we believe.

It means that we believe those law-abiding people who work hard and pay their taxes as the government demands deserve nothing less than to be treated with respect by their government.

That means they should have world-class public services, it means they have the right to complain when the government takes their money and wastes it, and it also means they should be trusted to make their own decisions free from interference from the state.

This is what we believe - and it stands in stark contrast to the approach adopted by either Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

At the next election, the choice will be quite clear. It will be between a Labour Party that asks the people to trust them and a Conservative Party that promises to trust people.

This week takes us another step down the road to that election - and this document, together with the policies we will announce in the coming days, points the way to a new Conservative Government - the first Conservative Government of the 21st Century.

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