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Heathcoat-Amory: No justification for centralisation of EU power

Blue Card intervention at Convention on the Future of Europe on 5 June 2003

Mr President,

In section A-9 of the draft Constitution, it states that "National Parliaments shall ensure compliance with the subsidiarity principle". This implies a power to do so.

But the Protocol only grants a request. A draft law would then have to be reviewed, but if the Commission wishes it can then proceed. So we must bring the Protocol into line with A-9 if we are to be consistent.

Secondly, in A-14 we see the coordination of economic and employment policies. This goes way beyond the existing treaties: it is now mandated. It will create real economic problems, and be a source of high unemployment.

We need to tackle these scourges. But there is no evidence that more coordination by the Union will cure them.

In short we are looking at a centralisation of power for which no justification has been advanced.

Finally, Mr President, a word on the inclusion of a reference to God. A major contribution by Western thought has been that there should be a separation of Church and State. We should maintain this principle in this Constitution.

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