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Hague: Remember the Dome!

Speaking in Greenwich at the Dome on the morning of Labour's manifesto launch, the Leader of the Opposition, Rt Hon William Hague:

"It is fitting to start the day here as Labour puts forward its programme for a second term.

"The Dome was to be the first paragraph of today's manifesto, instead it stands as the last word on why Britain cannot afford another four years of Labour.

"It is a monument to their arrogance. Labour thought they could re-invent 1000 years of British history in their own image. What they produced was shiny, shallow and without substance.

"It is a monument to their contempt for the priorities of ordinary people. Labour have wasted hundreds of million of pounds on the Dome. At the same time they have given us higher taxes, larger class sizes, longer waiting times, a rise in violent crime and an asylum system in chaos.

"It is above all a monument to their vanity. Labour believed they could spin a Teflon tent into a lasting symbol of their success. They have spent the last years consumed by their own self-image rather than getting to grips with the problems this country faces.

"John Prescott once said, 'if we can't make this work, we're not much of a Government'. On that, at least, we can all agree.

"Four years ago Tony Blair promised a new life for Britain, he told us all we deserved better. Well everyone in Britain deserves better than they got from him. Today he is asking not for a second term but for a second chance; a second chance to make meaningless promises and to impose new stealth taxes.

"So when he speaks of his vision for Britain, I say 'Remember the Dome'.

"It is the ultimate monument to Labour and today they both stand empty."

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