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Hague warns voters 'Britain deserves Better' than Labour

Speaking at the unveiling of a poster campaign with the theme 'Britain deserves Better, the Rt Hon William Hague MP, Leader of the Conservative Party:

"Four years ago Tony Blair promised a new life for Britain. He told us all we deserved better. Well everyone in Britain deserves better than they have got from him.

"Under Labour taxes are increasing. Their stealth taxes have hit those least able to afford them; savers, families and those who rely on their car.

"And where has all this money gone? Not on better services.

"Class sizes are bigger. Secondary school classes are larger than they've been for 25 years.

"The asylum system is in chaos. The number of asylum applications has more than doubled under Labour.

"NHS waiting lists are longer. 200,000 more people are waiting more than 13 weeks just to see a consultant.

"Violent crime is rising while police numbers have fallen.

"No wonder Tony Blair said yesterday that he has to earn the trust of the British people again. Never has a Party taxed so much and achieved so little.

"He is not asking for a second term, but for a second chance. His record shows that the country cannot afford to give it to him.

"If people want a government that will bring taxes down, improve local schools, turn Britain into a safe haven rather than a soft touch, make local hospitals better and hit crime hard, then this Election is their opportunity to vote for a Party that will deliver."

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