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Portillo: Brown is the high taxing Chancellor

Before the last election Tony Blair and Gordon Brown said that they had no plans to increase taxes at all. Since 1997 the Labour Government has increased taxes relentlessly.

"Like all Labour Governments, this Government has increased taxes. But instead of increasing income tax, Mr Blair and Mr Brown have introduced lots of 'stealth taxes' which they hoped people wouldn't notice. But his stealth taxes on mortgages, marriages, pensions, petrol, and national insurance have all increased the cost of living.

"The stealth taxes he has raised so far, if they'd been levied openly and honestly, would have raised income tax by 10 pence in the pound. Gordon Brown is a high taxing Chancellor. He does not believe in leaving families with more of their own money, he believes in taxing it and redistributing it for his pet projects.

"Disposable income is drying up in Brown's Britain. After taxes and inflation, the money that households have left to spend grew each year by just under 3 per cent under the last Conservative government. Under this Government it has shrunk to just over 2 per cent. Gordon Brown's stealth taxes are robbing people of their own hard earned income.



"The Chancellor can make cuts in taxes now, but only because he has overtaxed us. Whatever cuts in taxation Gordon Brown announces in the Budget, they will be tiny in comparison with what he has taken in four years and will need to be clawed back at speed if Labour win the election. Gordon Brown has committed Labour to a course of spending that outstrips what the nation can afford. This means that if Labour were re-elected taxes would have to go up again. How would Gordon Brown levy new taxes, where would the money come from, who would suffer in another Labour term?

"The choice at the next election could not be clearer: a Labour Party which has taxed more and failed to deliver, or a Conservative Party which will reduce taxes for hardworking families, pensioners and businesses, reform public services to deliver better value for money.

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