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Edward McMillan-Scott - Spring Forum Speech

As a Board member, and as Leader of our 35 MEPs, I am delighted to chair this session. My group has at least one - and in most cases several Conservative MEPs - in each region of the UK. I know they are playing their part, not just in Europe, but as the election approaches, at home.

Whether your view of Europe is shaped by the Telegraph or the FT, you know the momentous changes of the last 15 years:

- the opening of the Single Market

- the collapse of the Soviet system

- the Balkan wars and the fall of Milosevic.

Ladies and Gentlemen - we have won the past. Now it is our duty to win the future. For a Europe whole and free: not a superpower, but an outward-looking, decentralised Europe; a Europe that works.

We are now a single party. This weekend started with a briefing for MPs, PPCs - and for the first time, our MEPs.

The concept was William Hague's - but bringing it together has meant hard work and commitment.

No-one has done more than our speaker, Francis Maude, to deliver joined-up opposition. His steadiness of purpose, his sense of values, his commitment to delivering our slogan 'In Europe, not run by Europe', needs no introduction.

The British people now have a choice: Robin Cook or Francis Maude.

Introduction to Rt Hon Francis Maude's Address.

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