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Eric Pickles: Mr Brown, your time is up

We stand on the brink of a truly historic time for the people of this country.

In a matter of weeks the British people will be faced with the most single important political choice for a generation.

After thirteen years in opposition, we now have the chance to change the direction of our country for the next generation…

we cannot afford to let them down.

Because this Prime Minister has single handedly destroyed our country.

He has destroyed our economy

He has failed to meet the great social challenges facing our country

And his legacy will be one of neglect and cynicism

It is a legacy of failure

So if you’re listening Mr Brown  - I’ll tell you why

Because YOU, Mr Brown, have dithered and delayed

Because YOU, Mr Brown, have flapped and flustered

Because YOU, Mr Brown, spend more time facing down mutinies in your own party than running our country.

Because YOU have unleashed the forces of hell on your own

You are Mr Brown a prime minister “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

Yesterday I asked you Mr Brown to go to the country, but your still here!

Well Mr Brown your time is up

Your chances have gone

The excuses – well we’ve had enough of them

It’s time to call it a day

So call it Mr Brown – call it now - and let the people decide

Now I know it’s been a long journey getting here and we’ve had some dark days, it’s not been easy. You know its been tough.

Now I know, I’m a good looking lad, and I’ve been around for 40 years – you’d not think it would you!

I can remember people saying we couldn’t win in the north and we couldn’t represent the country as a whole.

That’s changed because of two words - David Cameron

David Cameron made us different, he’s helped us look outwards again and see the world as it actually is.

And because we’ve changed - our party’s fortunes have changed too.

So for those who said we couldn’t win in the North – just take a look at our victories in North Tyneside, where we run the council.  Look Lancashire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire County Councils which we run.

Take a look at the ten thousand councillors right across the country.

Our MEPS represent every region and in every country of the United Kingdom, making us the only true national party in British politics.

In Scotland we have a genuine 4 party race for the first time in decades.

And who would believe it – out polling Labour in Wales –that’s a great success.

I am so proud that today there are no ‘no-go’ areas for the Conservative Party. There are no parts of our country in which this party can’t win.

And every part of the country will have a voice under a new Conservative government.  

Everything we have achieved together – every person elected, every council regained, every election won – has put us back in touch with the British people.

I know, as Chairman, that you are the people who work tirelessly every day, to earn the respect of local communities, neighbours and friends, in seats up and down the country.

You are the people who set up our social action projects

They haven’t just changed the nature of our candidates they’ve changed the nature of our Party.

It’s you who speak up for the needs of all the people of our country, regardless of race, religion or colour.

It’s you who have made our Party reflect and represent a modern Britain.

What’s that all been about?

Thanks to you we have built a real coalition  - a ‘coalition for change’

This coalition is made up of all backgrounds and interests, united together to make change happen.

It’s a ‘coalition for change’ that spans not just all of us in this hall, our friends our fellow activists, but crucially, people who’ve never voted Tory before in their lives.

Former Labour and LibDem voters. New voters.

Young people and those who’ve never had a party worth voting for. 

And we welcome here today those who have made that journey and who have joined our coalition for change.

This ‘coalition for change’, is the bedrock of our campaign.

In the months ahead we’ll be tested as never before.

We’ll face every charge and every trick in Gordon Brown’s book. 

Friends, to coin a phrase we’ll have to take everything Gordon Brown throws at us.

But I’ve been up and down this country these past few months, and I’ll warn you Mr. Brown: from what I’ve seen of you: WE’RE READY FOR YOU LAD

We’re going to make sure that on every doorstep they understand

It is a simple choice 5 more years of GB and his tired government

Or David Cameron and the conservatives who have the energy, leadership and values to get the country moving.

So let’s earn this victory, not for us.

This is not just about winning the election it’s about what we’re going to do when David Cameron walks into No.10

For those whose future has been mortgaged by Gordon Brown

For all those in the most run-down corners of our country – the millions let down, abandoned by this Labour government.

These are the people I joined this party to help.

These are the people on the council estates of Yorkshire where I grew up.

These are the people that Labour think are theirs by right.

These are the people that Gordon Brown treat as idiots by playing on prejudice, offering them division rather than to hope.

These are the People the Labour Party was set up to protect.

These are the people that the Labour Party of Gordon Brown has abandoned.

Let us win this victory for them. Let’s be on their side. Let’s pledge to them that we are the party of one nation working for everyone.  

We are going to win this victory together.

From tomorrow, I will be out visiting every corner of our country. I will be going to every battleground in every part of Britain to help us make change happen.

We’re going to win this election, constituency by constituency, street by street, face to face

So that no one is in any doubt why they should vote Conservative.

Together we’ll be hounding out those useless Labour MPs.

It’s not going to be easy.

It’s going to be a long slog.

It’s going to demand of you the kind of effort that surpasses anything you’ve put in before.

But it’s probably the most important thing that you and I will ever be engaged in

For if we do we will truly be able to say - no more false dividing lines. No more abandoned communities. No more broken society.

No more Brown’s broken Britain.

We’ve not come this far, been through so much, changed our party so fundamentally to fall at the final hurdle now

So I say to everyone watching today and listening to our message

We can change this country

Only if we vote for it.

Vote for change

Vote Conservative

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